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Información turística MotorLand
Información turística MotorLand
Información turística MotorLand

A Privileged Location.

MotorLand is integrated into the urban area of the city of Alcañiz, surrounded by the natural areas of La Estanca and Las Saladas, of huge environmental value.

Water, a source of life, provides for the structure of the spectacular gorges of the Lower Aragón area, which gathers mountains and valleys filled with abundant vegetation.

Culture and Heritage.

Información turística MotorLand
Información turística MotorLand
Información turística MotorLand

The historic Lower Aragón area enjoys an extraordinary natural and cultural wealth. This includes the city of Alcañiz, the heritage of which is a valuable testimony of the different cultures that settled down in the city throughout the centuries.

Prehistoric remains, traces of Iberian and Roman civilizations, vestiges of the Moors; hidden passageways carved into the rocks, monuments, palaces, churches, manors, as well as exceptional medieval legacies like the Calatravos’ Castle, the symbol of Alcañiz, all of which make-up the singular cultural mosaic offered to those who come to visit the city.

The local traditions are also a hallmark of the city. Drums are a deep-rooted tradition in Alcañiz, and their sound make the region and the people vibrate with excitement.

The districts: a singular paradise. Blessed with special beauty, the districts making up the region of the Historic Lower Aragón region (Matarraña, Maestrazgo, Bajo-Aragón-Caspe, Bajo Martín, Andorra and Sierra de arcos) offer a most interesting range of opportunities.

It is a land of contrasts, shaped by centuries of history and by the savoir-faire of its people, who preserve a unique, authentic and singular identity.

These districts have also given rise to a special gastronomic heritage with prestigious products that have a high gastronomic value, such as the oil, the ham or the peaches.

The Lower Aragón region is also a land of artists, such as the legendary film director Luis Buñuel, master of surrealism, who was born in Calanda.

Routes and Theme Itineraries

The Route of the Drum and Bass Drum.

Alcañiz, Alcorisa, Calanda, Andorra, Urrea, Albalate, Samper, Híjar and La Puebla de Híjar are the framework of the famous Holy Week of the Lower Aragón region, with the processions, the re-enactment of the Drama of the Cross and the Rompida de la Hora (hourly burst of drums).

The Gothic Route.

Alcañiz, Cañada de Verich, La Ginebrosa and La Mata de los Olmos treasure a valuable testimony from this period.

The Renaissance Route.

Alcañiz-Torrecilla de Alcañiz, Belmonte and Los Olmos-La Mata de los Olmos keep exceptional buildings from civil architecture.

Información turística MotorLand
Información turística MotorLand
Información turística MotorLand
The Baroque Routes.

A first tour to visit Alcañiz, Calanda, Mas de las Matas, Foz-Calanda, Aguaviva and Las Parras de Castellote. A second tour to see Castelserás, La Codoñera, La Cerollera and Valdealgorfa. And a third one to enjoy Alcorisa, Los Olmos, Berge and La Mata de los Olmos. The Baroque heritage becomes evident in the beautiful parish churches. There are also plenty of remains from the art of this period in the rest of the area.

The Ice Well and Museum Route.

The first part, focussing on the peculiar Ice Wells, includes stops in Alcañiz, Belmonte and La Cañada de Verich. The second part of the route, focussed on the museums, takes you to Alcañiz, Calanda, Alcorisa, Mas de las Matas and Jaganta.

The Iberian Route.

Alcañiz, Azaila, Caspe, Valdeltormo, Mazaleón, Cretas, Oliete or Alloza are only some of the districts along this unforgettable route, made-up of around twenty Iberian archaeological sites of major significance, dating from the 7th century B.C. to the 3rd century A.C.

The Water Route.

Alcañiz, Calanda, Mas de las Matas, Alcorisa, Berge, Mequinenza-Mar de Aragón, Matarraña… The water route takes us through genuine natural paradises offering a whole range of leisure and sports activities. Watching native ecosystems, with countless fauna and flora species is also a highlight offered by this alternative.

o Hiking routes

Mezquín, Maestrazgo Culture Park, Matarraña and Río Martín Cultural Park make-up the network of botanical paths and short walks offered by this area. These beautiful natural spaces with an extraordinary, beautiful landscapes and a wealth of plant and animal life are waiting to be discovered by visiting hikers.

Motorbike Tours in the Lower Aragón region

The passion for two-wheelers merges with culture and gastronomy in the different motorbike tours offered by the Lower Aragon region. Some of the itineraries available are:

The Ice Well Route

The 127km long tour starts in Alcañiz and finishes in La Mata de los Olmos, although it can also be made in opposite direction. The route takes you to the mentioned Ice Wells, which were built back in the 16th and 17th century in the area. The exact itinerary is: Alcañiz, Valdealgorfa, Belmonte de San José, La Cañada de Verich, La Ginebrosa, Calanda and La Mata de los Olivos.

Land and Art Route

Tight bends and beautiful landscapes are waiting for you in this route, which is also ideal to enjoy the gastronomic wealth of the area. Starting from MotorLand, the route stops in Alcañiz, Valdealgorfa, Torrecilla de Alcañiz, La Codoñera, Belmonte de San José, La Cerollera, La Cañada de Verich, La Ginebrosa, Aguaviva, Las Parras de Castellote, Jaganta, Seno, Mas de las Matas, Calanda, Torrevelilla and Castelserás. Another highlight of the route is its cultural offer, which includes plenty of events, festivals and concerts that are organised every year in the region.

Route of the Oasis

The route takes bikers along 84km of secondary roads to enjoy the changing landscape of the Lower Aragón region. From Berge the route crosses Alcorisa, Mas de las Matas, Calanda, Torrevelilla, Torrecilla de Alcañiz, Castelserás and Alcañiz, and finishes in MotorLand.

232 Route

The secondary roads of the Bajo Aragón, solitary and plagued with curves, allow to enjoy the nature on your motorcycle in a territory where true worship of the motorbike is given.

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