Would you like to become a marshal and experience the races from within?

You got the chance in your hands. Become part of the MotorLand Aragón Marshals and come to the events held in our racetracks to carry out the tasks of a marshal and enjoy the races from a privileged location.

Comisarios MotorLand
Comisarios MotorLand
Comisarios MotorLand
If you are interested, please fill-in this registration form here

For further information, you may call +34 978 835548 (Rafa) or send an e-mail to

If you want to start warming up the engines, put yourself to the test answering the following questions:
  1. At which moment are participants allowed to overtake during a rolling start procedure:
    • A) Red light on.
    • B) Yellow light on.
    • C) Green light on.
  2. While the Safety Car is on the track, what does it mean when it turns off its orange lights:
    • A) It will enter the pit lane on that lap.
    • B) It will make 2 additional laps.
    • C) Participants must enter the pit lane and the race is suspended.
  3. When the race has finished, participants take the chequered flag and do a slow-down lap after which they:
    • A) Go home.
    • B) Proceed to their pit garage.
    • C) Proceed to parc fermé.
  4. When a yellow flag is being shown at a control post, participants:
    • A) Must slow down.
    • B) Must accelerate to drive/ride as soon as possible past the dangerous situation.
    • C) May overtake.
  5. When a participant who is in the back of the pack is shown a blue flag, telling him that the leader of the race is right behind him...:
    • A) He must do everything he can to avoid being overtaken by the leader.
    • B) He must make it easy for the leader to overtake him.
    • C) He must leave the track entering the pit lane.
Correct answers: 1C, 2A, 3C, 4A, 5B