More than just a racetrack

The facilities of MotorLand Aragón, their large variety of spaces and contents, are also available for companies, regardless of whether they are involved in the world of motoring or not.

With the Activities and Services programme, our facilities turn into the perfect venue to organise the following activities:
  • Incentive Days.
  • Seminars.
  • Courses.
  • Product Launches.
  • Meetings.

In addition, MotorLand does also offer the following services:

Briefing Room

Customers may request this room that is fitted with audiovisual devices and sound equipment.

Private lounges - VIP Lounge

The best way to enjoy the races with your customers from within.

Complete event service

Catering, photography, hostesses, support staff, etc.

Speed, sports and leisure activities

MotorLand offers companies a series of activities aimed at breaking monotony and getting rid of stress.

Driving experiences

Driving experiences

Customers may choose from the multiple options offered at each race track: road racing, karting and offroad.

Endurance race

A race between teams of 3 participants each. The drivers receive a short briefing before the start of the timed practices. After the practices, there is an endurance race of 1 hour. Strategy becomes a crucial factor to clinch the victory.

Más motor
More motoring

More motoring

Advance driving and road education courses; motocross and motocross with pit bikes; supermotard; extrem enduro area; team building...


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