First «Subitis» Forum

The International Emergencies and Major Disasters Forum


The "Subitis" Forum was designed as a meeting point for professionals from anywhere in the world whose activity -in one way or another- is linked to emergencies and major disasters in any of their aspects and specialities (management, intervention, planning, research, development, innovation...).

The Forum was conceived with a collaborative and cross-sectional spirit to facilitate real advances that result in the safety of citizens.

Driving force

The "Subitis" Forum was born from the close collaboration between two institutions: The University of Zaragoza and MOTORLAND Aragon.

The New Technologies in Vehicles and Road Safety (VEHIVIAL) is but one of the official research groups of the University of Zaragoza, which focuses, among other fields, on automotive safety and vehicle traffic.

MOTORLAND, on its part, is firmly committed to boosting R&D in the core of its impressive facilities.

As a result of these interests and capacities, both institutions have decided to join forces in a pledge to promote scientific, technological and professional progress in everything pertaining to knowledge in the field of emergencies and major disasters.


The "Subitis" Forum has established four fundamental objectives:

  1. Promote scientific and technological progress with an open space for keynote lectures and presentation of R&D results in the form of free communications.
  2. Promote professional training, hosting workshops, courses and other training activities.
  3. Carry out capacity and technical material demonstration activities, hosting exhibitions and championships.
  4. Create a space for collaboration and coexistence, providing attendees with venues for bilateral meetings and a wide range of leisure activities also aimed at companions and families.


MotorLand Aragon is a multi-functional complex composed of racing circuits and other support infrastructures. MotorLand Aragon houses spaces dedicated to sport, technology, leisure and culture. MotorLand will make available the following facilities to develop the “Subitis” Forum:

Conference rooms

Sound and audio-visual equipment. These halls are where masterclasses and free communications will be held.


The workshop has a capacity for up to two hundred people, each of them with a large workspace, electric supply and internet connection.
This hall is where the courses and workshops that do not require open spaces will be developed.


Two large paddocks permit hosting outdoor exhibitions. Each paddock is located a stone’s throw from a building with bar and restaurant services.


MotorLand can organise numerous leisure activities for the enjoyment of Forum attendees and their families or companions.

Alcañiz, Teruel

Alcañiz, a town of 16,500 inhabitants with a rich historical and artistic legacy, is nestled in the Bajo Aragón region in the province of Teruel.

Alcañiz is located 145km from the capital city of the province. The distances to other main cities are Zaragoza, 102 km; Tarragona, 140 km; Lérida 160 km; Barcelona, 250 km; Castellón, 150 km; and Valencia 260 km.

MotorLand is integrated into the urban environment of the town of Alcañiz and the environmentally-treasured natural areas of La Estanca and Las Saladas.

The Historical Bajo Aragón has an extraordinary natural and cultural richness. Starting with the city of Alcañiz, whose heritage is a valuable living testimony of the different cultures that have inhabited it over the centuries.

Alcañiz is home to a unique cultural mosaic to the visitors' delight, comprising prehistoric remains; traces of Iberian and Roman civilisations; Muslim vestiges; hidden passages excavated in the rock; monuments; palaces; churches; ancestral homes, or exceptional medieval legacies such as the Castle of the Calatravos, a true symbol of Alcañiz.

Another sign of identity lies in its customs. Alcañiz is a virtuoso city of the drum. This region and its people vibrate at the sound of this instrument, the heart of a deep-rooted tradition.

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