Enduro and Extreme Enduro Area

    Extreme Enduro Area

    The facilities of MotorLand include a spectacular Extreme Enduro Area. The area combines rock and sand surfaces with jumps and artificial obstacles, such as tyres, trunks and tubes.


    • Type of surface: combination of sand, stone, rock and artificial obstacles
    • Dimension of the paddock: 10,000m2
    • Total area: more than 150,000 m2

    In the summer (from July 1 to September 1) the MX track will be retend closed and only the entire circuit will be rentid with prior notice (clubs, national teams, stage, campus).


    Prices. With the practices of Motocross you will have access to Enduro

    • One-day session 20 €
    • Insurance 25 €

    Enduro Area

    The Enduro circuit, has a radius of about 35 hectares approx. of marked and fenced natural hill, with a route full of ascents and descents with different level of difficulty.

    On the circuit you will have at your disposal showers and laundries for your motorcycle (19+1 big)