WTCR Race of Spain 2022. FIA World Touring Car Cup.

Del 25 al 26 de junio de 2022

25th and 26th June 2022

First edition of the Championship in MotorLand! Come and enjoy the show!





(Until 24 June)
(25 and 26 June)
25€ 30€

People under 12 and over 65 have free access by showing the ID / Passport at the entrance.

Tickets include PADDOCK!! (3 days of the event)


+ Info tickets: ó +34 978 835 548

Office hours:

Mon– Thu: 8:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00

Fri 8:00 to 15:00


  • In accordance with the Law 19/2007 of July 11, alcoholic drinks, drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances are forbidden in the facilities during the event.
  • All the tickets are valid for Saturday and Sunday.
  • All the tickets give access to available public areas and Paddock.
  • Under 12s and over 65s have free access by showing their ID/Passport at the public areas´ entrances. No ticket needed.
  • Minors must be always accompanied by an adult.
  • Parking is included in the ticket price. Once the track activity ends, the parkings should be cleared.
  • VAT included in the prices.
  • No changes or refunds accepted.
  • MotorLand won´t be held responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets.
  • Public areas have video-surveillance systems.

Public areas

Different areas will be available for spectators to enjoy the race: grandstands 1A, 1B, 1C, Pelouse 6 and Paddock.

Grandstands 1A, 1B, 1C:

1A and 1B - These grandstands are located in front of the finish line and the starting grid. From these grandstands you can follow all the usual movement that takes place right before the race begins. You can watch mechanics and riders before the red light goes out and the show begins.

1C - It is without a doubt one of the most spectacular ones in the circuit. From this grandstand, located at the first turn of the course, you will enjoy the best overtaking maneuvers and the most intense braking that the MotorLand racetrack has to offer.

Pelouse 6:

After a good straight there is always a good braking with its following turn and in MotorLand the big braking is the one you can experience from here. Not less than 1000 meters of downhill straight to start braking before turn 16.

Area for people with reduced mobility.

They will be a specially equipped area for wheelchair users in Pelouse 6.


Zonas de público


Se habilitarán diferentes zonas desde las que disfrutar de la actividad en pista. El público podrá acceder con su entrada a todas ellas.

Por el momento, las zonas de apertura confirmadas son: gradas 1A, 1B, 1C, Pelouse 6 y Paddock.

Zona Grada 1

1A y 1B - Situadas en la recta principal, justo frente a la parrilla de salida. Desde estas gradas se puede seguir todo el movimiento que precede a los instantes previos a la competición, por situarse frente al pit lane. Se puede seguir al detalle a mecánicos y pilotos antes de que el semáforo se ponga en verde y de comienzo la salida.

La grada 1A está en línea con la parrilla y la grada 1B se encuentra pasada la línea de salida, hacia la curva 1 del trazado.

1C - Es una de las gradas más espectaculares del circuito. Desde esta grada situada en la primera curva del circuito podrás disfrutar de los mejores adelantamientos y apuradas de frenada que ofrece el trazado de MotorLand.


Pelouse 6

Ubicada al final de la contra recta de 1km de bajada, visión a la frenada a 250 metros de la curva 16, una curva larga de izquierdas y entrada a curva 17, la última antes de la entrada a meta.

Información para personas con movilidad reducida. 
Se habilitará una zona especial para personas con movilidad reducida en la Pelouse 6.



VIP Lounge MotorLand: un marco inigualable con servicios exclusivos.

Disfruta del FIA WTCR Race of Spain con todas las comodidades.



Para mas información: marketing@motorlandaragon.como +34 978 835 548


Requisitos necesarios para solicitar una acreditación de prensa para cubrir eventos deportivos de Motorland Aragón.

Con objetivo es facilitar y regular el trabajo de los medios y profesionales de la comunicación, el Circuito de Motorland Aragón tiene aprobada la siguiente normativa:

Protocolo de Acreditación*

  • Solo se acreditará a los representantes de los medios de comunicación profesionales y freelance que cubran informativamente los eventos del calendario deportivo de Motorland Aragón.
  • Imprescindible ser trabajador dado de alta en la Seguridad Social en un Medio de Comunicación impreso, radio, televisión, o página web o estar dado de alta como autónomo del sector (en este caso enviar copia del seguro de responsabilidad civil).
  • Cumplimentar el formulario que se deberá firmar y sellar. Descargar formulario.
  • Enviar carta de solicitud corporativa, firmada por el director, con los nombres de los periodistas/fotógrafos que cubrirán el evento. (En formato digital .pdf).
  • Pequeño dossier de prensa en que se incluya artículos publicados o fotografías firmadas por los periodistas o fotógrafos del medio que quiere acreditarse. Realizadas en prensa, radio, televisión, revistas o medios digitales (no se consideran las realizadas a través de redes sociales).
  • Enviar la documentación a

*Esta acreditación servirá para todas las carreras excepto para WorldSBK y MotoGP que tienen su propio procedimiento.


WTCR y PURE-ETCR. Mundial de turismos y eléctricos. (9 al 11 de julio 2021)

Prensa escrita, Medios Digitales, Radios y TV: Todos los medios de comunicación profesionales que deseen cubrir este evento pueden solicitar su acreditación enviando la documentación anteriormente mencionada a

Fecha límite para enviar la solicitud: 30 de junio.


¿Quieres que tu negocio esté presente en el circuito durante la celebración del Mundial de Turismos?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is MotorLand track course?

The course used for the FIA World Touring Car Cap is the the Grand Prix – FIA (5.344,53m).

2. How do I get to the circuit?

  • By your own vehicle (parking is included in the ticket price)
  • Bus. More info
  • Taxi.

If you are coming by plane, the closest airports are:

  • Zaragoza: 120 kilometers away from MotorLand.
  • Reus: 132 kilometers away from MotorLand.
  • Castellón: 134 kilometers away from.

If you are coming by train:

  • Caspe Station (RENFE): 28 kilometers away from MotorLand.
  • Zaragoza Station (Delicias): 107 km away from MotorLand.

3. Where can I park my vehicle?

Tickets for the event include parking.

There are several parkings located in the circuit surroundings. Security forces will indicate you where to park.

Entrance with motorhomes/campers is allowed, but parkings will be cleared at the end of the track sessions, so IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO STAY OVERNIGHT AT THE CIRCUIT PARKINGS.

4. Can I get into the circuit with food and drinks?

Yes. You just have to take into account that only plastic is permitted. Bottle cups shall be removed.


In accordance with the Law 19/2007 of July 11, alcoholic drinks, drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances are prohibited in the facilities during the event.

5. Can I get into the circuit with umbrellas, folding chairs and cool-boxes?

Yes. However, security staff can order you to fold your umbrella in case it hampers other spectators´ view.

Security staff will also check the content of your cool-box in order to verify there are no forbidden substances inside (glass bottles, cans, alcohol…)

6. Which is the recommended area for disabled?

The recommended area for disabled is Pelouse 6, where there is an especially equipped zone for wheelchair users and a companion (they both have to show their tickets).

The access to this area (grandstand 6) is from Parking E. It is important to show the document that identifies oneself as disabled clearly in order to pass the security controls easier.

Once the vehicle is parked in the reserved area for disabled, the access to Grandstand 6 is 500 meters away approximately.

Services in this area: adapted toilets, snack bar, giant screen.

In case the wheelchair user has a Paddock pass, there is a free adapted shuttle: Welcome Center – Paddock – Welcome Center.

There will be a reserved parking area in the Welcome Center to park the vehicles of the shuttle users.

7. Can I get to the circuit with animals?

No. The entrance with animals is forbidden, except assistance dogs.

8. Where can I stay?

You can find a section to look for accommodation on our webpage.

9. How is the circuit surrounding area? Is it close to Alcañiz?

Our facilities are 5 kilometers away from Alcañiz town. The area has some high environmental value natural spaces such as the Estanca and Las Saladas. You can click on the following link for more information.




For security reasons, no animals (except assistance dogs) are allowed into the circuit, neither alcoholic beverages, weapons or other objects that may be used as such. Bottle caps shall be removed from plastic bottles and cans or glass containers are not permitted. The introduction of flares, fireworks or dangerous devices, or the display of banners, symbols, emblems or legends involving incitement to violence are not permitted. Entry shall also be forbidden to persons who may be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or similar.