FIM CEV Repsol

27th to 29th July 2018

MotorLand Aragón will host the FIM CEV Repsol championship on 27th to 29th July 2018.

The FIM CEV Repsol is a major source of new riders for the most important world championships: the MotoGP World Championship and the Superbike World Championship.

Free Pass

Fans will have free pass during the event.


Open paddock

The show will be insured in the Aragonese event of the FIM CEV Repsol. However, fans who travel to MotorLand to enjoy the event will find other attractions beyond the battles on track, which will be able to follow from the terrace of the paddock building. And, in addition, the public will have free access to the paddock. Walk between the trucks of the teams and enjoy with the organisation that carries a championship like the FIM CEV Repsol will be other claims of the appointment.

Pit Lane Walk on Sunday

Fans will have the chance to enjoy with a Pit Lane Walk on Sunday morning (10:10h). It will be a great opportunity to meet the riders. If you want to participe, you must go before to the box 25. There, you will pick the bracelet that guarantee the free pass to the activity.

Fans will be able to enter with their motorcycle after the races

On the other hand, after the races of Sunday and as a climax to a weekend dedicated to the two wheels, MotorLand will give the the fans the opportunity to enter the track with their own motorcycle and give two pace turns to the track once the races finish. Anyone who wants to participate in this free activity must previously register in box 25. There will be given the access wristband. If you are a passenger (over 16 years of age), you must also fill out the registration form. In addition, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing: pants and leather jacket or sanity (1 or 2 pieces), gloves and approved helmet. You must also wear boots or appropriate footwear, being prohibited entry with footwear type sandals, flip flops or similar. 

Fans will be able to park their vehicles inside the enclosure

Throughout the weekend, fans who travel by car to MotorLand will have at their disposal an indoor parking located next to the circuit paddock. Those who have come with their motorcycle can also access the paddock itself and park in a parking lot reserved for drivers. As for vehicles with a disability card, they can park in the indoor car parks of the paddock. To take the elevator from Tower E of the building of boxes and to ascend both to the cafeteria and the terrace must be directed previously to the General Office of Paddock.

Media Accreditation

Accreditation form:


For security reasons, no animals (except assistance dogs) are allowed into the circuit, neither alcoholic beverages, weapons or other objects that may be used as such. Bottle caps shall be removed from plastic bottles and cans or glass containers are not permitted. The introduction of flares, fireworks or dangerous devices, or the display of banners, symbols, emblems or legends involving incitement to violence are not permitted. Entry shall also be forbidden to persons who may be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or similar.

FIM CEV Repsol MotorLand 2018 Aragón
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