From the Guadalope Urban Racetrack to MotorLand Aragón.

History, culture and passion for motor sports. These ingredients merge in Alcañiz and turn this town in the Lower Aragón region into a must-see destination for all those who love the smell of fuel and feel passion for speed.

Half a century has passed since Joaquín Ripollés promoted the first City of Alcañiz Grand Prix (1965), held on the unforgettable urban circuit known as Circuito Guadalope. The streets were the venue of exciting races that turned the city into a pioneering organiser of sports events. In a short period of time, Alcañiz became an emblematic benchmark in the history of urban circuits.

In the early 1990s, the growing demand for safety measures given the increasingly powerful vehicles, limited the activity of the urban circuit. It became difficult for the organization to stage top level events, and this is how the idea of building a motorsports complex to continue with this intense relationship between Alcañiz and the sport came up.

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An exciting project

The project began to take shape thanks to the citizens' enthusiasm and to the prestige gained during the mythic times at Guadalope, which hosted its last race in 2003. To develop the project, MotorLand Aragón counted on a team of highly-experienced and well-known experts. The project finally set-off in 2006 with the first competitions on the karting and off-road racetracks. In 2009, with the opening of the road racing circuit, the motorsports complex was accomplished, with a clear will to become a motor of progress for the whole region.