Motocross Circuit

    Motocross Circuit




    • Summer (1 March - 30 October):
      Saturday and Sunday: 09:00h - 13:00h and 14:00h - 18:00h
    • Winter (31 October - 29 February)
      Saturday and Sunday: 9:00h - 13:00h and 14:00h - 17:30h
    • There will be track sessions on all of the stated days except if there is an event scheduled on any of the off-road tracks.
    • On the first weekend of every month, the Motocross racetrack will be freshly repaired.


    • One-day session 25€..
    • 10-session voucher 150€.


    Without a valid licence, you will need a private insurance, either for one day (25€) or for one year (100€).

    Note: Anyone not showing the licence when registering will have to pay for the insurance in order to access the track.


    To register, please send the following form by e-mail (, or fax (978835549) The filled-in form may also be handed-in at the circuit on the same day of the track session.

    Early booking

    You may book your session sending the payment receipt and the duly filled-in disclaimer by fax (+34 978835548) or e-mail deporte@motorlandaragon.comstating the date of your session.

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