MotorLand Classic Festival and Feria Autoclassic

27th tol 29th October 2017

MotorLand will host a new edition of his great classic Festival, which since 2015 also includes the celebration of the trade show Autoclassic.

The event feature an extensive and varied program, as well as a multitude of activities that will delight all lovers of the classics. Exhibitions, gatherings or batches for fans will be some of the attractions of this event. Cars, motorcycles, trucks, sidecars and bicycles will have their own space in the different circuits and facilities of MotorLand. Competition will also be protagonist with the celebration of different international races.

Free pass and park in the paddock with a classic vehicle

In this edition the entry will be free again for all the fans, who during the three days of the event will be able to enjoy the authentic jewels on wheels. Cars, motorcycles, trucks and bicycles will take the paddock of the road racing circuit, as well as the rest of circuits of the complex, which will be a hive of activity from Friday to Sunday. In addition, all the fans who come to the complex with their classic vehicle will be able to park in the paddock of the road racing circuit.

AutoClassic at the MotorLand Classic Festival

MotorLand will host Autoclassic feast. It will be the twenty-fourth edition of this fair dedicated to the world of the classic vehicle. Autoclassic will bring together the best national and import vehicles, motorcycles, parts to restore, magazines, miniatures, books, accessories and representatives of amateur clubs.

Cars, motos and sidecars track days for fans

Fans will have the opportunity to ride with their classic vehicles in the different circuits of the Alcaniz complex. Thus the road racing circuit, the international karting circuit and the different off road circuits will be open until all motorcycles, cars and sidecars have been inscribed throughout the event.

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European Classic Series

The speed circuit will be stage of the tests of the European Classic Series. The Championship joins the following categories: Maxi-Classic; Classic 1000; 750, and 750 TT. Fans enjoy this resistance competition in which teams of up to three riders compete.

Classic & Legend Series

The Classic & Legend Series is a very interesting circuit competition. In this championship you can race almost any car before 1993. There are many different categories, based on the year of launch of the model and its relationship between weight and power, which ensures that the performances are similar.

Historical Formula One cars will be at the MotorLand Classic Festival

During the MotorLand Classic Festival, Formula Vintage will hold its National Meeting of Historic Formulas. Cars of the 70s, 80s and 90s will be on the aragonese road racing circuit during the weekend and will be exposed to the public.

Pedal Classic

Also the bikes will return to be protagonists in the MotorLand Classic Festival with the celebration of Pedal Classic, that will gather at the road racing circuit different models: from Custom to BMX, passing by road bikes or Trialsin. Exhibitions, costume competitions or races will be some of the activities in which the fans can participate throughout the event.

Trial Classic

The passionate of the trial will also have its place in the event. The Classic Festival will also host a trial race which, in addition to the categories of the regional competition (TR1, TR2, TR3 and TR4), will include a division of classic motorcycles.

Meetings: cars, American trucks and other activities

The MotorLand Classic Festival will also be the scene of different meetings of vehicle clubs, whose participants will perform various activities in the sports complex throughout the event. Also at the festival will be held the III Meeting Alcañiz City of Classic and American Trucks.

The sidecars, another great attraction of the MotorLand Classic Festival

These vehicles will be on track during the amateur rounds to be held in the road racing circuit. In the paddock, there will be driving and mechanics courses. No doubt: the sidecars will repeat once again as one of the great attractions of the MotorLand Classic Festival.

The iconic MotorLand Classic Parade

On Sunday, reproducing one of the most emblematic images of the MotorLand Classic Festival, will be held in the road racing circuit the traditional Classic Parade. All the attendants who come to MotorLand in their classic vehicle will be able to participate in this parade, taking home an exciting memory.

VI Rally MotorLand Classic Festival

MotorLand will host a new edition of the Rally MotorLand Classic Festival.

With 500km, 2 stages, 4 sections and 15 sector, the rally is one of the main sportive activities of the MotorLand Classic Festival. The rally is organised by the Classic Motor Club del Bages. It´s open to vehicles, cars and motos, with more than 25 years. 

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